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Removing a tree from a yard is a long and arduous process that requires not only felling the tree, but bucking it into smaller pieces and finally removing the stump. Tree removal is also dangerous, so follow all safety procedure to prevent injury to self and to property.


Before cutting down a tree it is important to have a felling plan. Trees fall when cut into their lean, that is, the direction the tree trunk leans toward. It is essential that all obstructions from the area be removed before cutting the tree. Also, it is good practice to come up with two escape plans for when the tree begins to fall, says the University of Missouri website. Clear all obstacles from the escape root path before cutting the tree.


Felling should only be performed on days when there is little to no wind to prevent the tree from falling in the wrong direction. To guide the tree into the lean, an undercut on the side of the lean is made. The undercut is two cuts that create a wedge shape. A back cut is made on the opposite end of the tree, directly above the undercut. As soon as the back cut gets far enough through the tree, the undercut will break and the tree begins to fall.


Once the tree is down, bucking may be required. Bucking is the practice of cutting a fallen tree into smaller pieces that are easily managed and removed. Limbs require removal down the length of the tree to make the trunk easier to roll. A cut is made through the top of the fallen trunk to create a smaller piece. The cut is made halfway through before the trunk is rolled and a second cut is made to meet the first one. The chainsaw should never hit the dirt, as this may be very dangerous.

Tree Stump Decay

Once the tree is removed, the tree stump is left. Consider the time and effort required to remove the stump. If left alone, the stump will decay in several years time due to fungal attack. The process may be sped up by feeding the fungi moisture and warmth, says the University of Florida Extension extension. Also adding a small portion of nitrogen-based fertilizer to the stump will increase fungal growth.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps are also possible to remove. Large backhoe equipment can rip the tree stump from the ground roots and all. This might not be cost-effective. Alternatively, small holes bored into the tree stump, then filled with a decay chemical available at most garden centers will speed up decay by a few years. Tree surgeons also provide a stump-grinding service. A stump grinder is a tool that grinds the tree stump to below ground level.

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