Walnut Zucchini Relish

Walnut Zucchini Relish

When zucchini is plentiful, try this relish as an accompaniment to
barbecued meats.

Yield: About 2-1/2 cups

8 oz. Young Zucchini
1 large Carrot, peeled
1 small Red onion, peeled
8 Radishes, trimmed
3 T.(each) Vegetable oil and cider vinegar
1 T. Dijon-style mustard
¾ c. Toasted California Walnut pieces
¼ c. Parsley sprigs, packed
Salt and pepper to taste

Cut squash, carrot and onion into chunks to fit into feed tube of food processor. Shred chunks along with radishes, using medium shredding disk. Transfer vegetables to large bowl. Fit processor with metal blade. Add oil, vinegar and mustard to work bowl. Process to blend. Add walnuts and parsley. Pulse processor just until walnuts are finely chopped. Add walnut mixture to vegetable mixture; toss to blend thoroughly. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and chill. If you wish, substitute yellow crock neck squash for the zucchini or use a combination.

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