How to Buy Milestone Herbicide


Milestone is a trademark specialty liquid herbicide product developed and sold by Dow AgroSciences chemical company. It uses the active ingredient aminopyralid to control broad leaf weed infestations on range and pasture lands. According to Dow AgroSciences, this active ingredient closes down the weeds metabolic function retarding its growth. The product can be sprayed by hand in small areas, by mechanized spray tools and by overhead plane spraying.

Step 1

Buy Milestone from licensed agrochemical dealers and retailers throughout the country. As of spring 2010, Dow lists 21 distributors across the United States and provide their online and telephone contact information (see link in the Resources section).

Step 2

Purchase Milestone products directly from the Dow AgroSciences sales representative assigned to your region of the country. You can get in contact with that person directly by accessing the "Find Your Sales Representative" interactive tool on the Milestone product Web page. (The Web link is in the Resources section).

Step 3

Be prepared to pay the going retail rate of Milestone herbicide, which as of January 2010, is about $332 per gallon. This makes Milestone more expensive than many herbicides on the market by volume, but not the most costly and does not take into account effectiveness or require rate of use.

Tips and Warnings

  • According to Dow AgroSciences, the sale of Milestone is not a federally restricted and in most states you will not need a license to either buy or apply it, but in some states you may. This requirement can be determined by contacting your state department of agriculture or a local university cooperative extension service.


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Who Can Help

  • Dow AgroSciences: Find Your Sales Representative Tool
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