Yard Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping is a way to bring a little bit of your artistic flair to your home. It also creates an appealing and comfortable focal point to show off parts of your yard or favorite plants. Front yard landscaping creates curb appeal and backyard landscaping provides a treasured place to escape after a hard day. A few easy-to-create landscaping ideas make all the difference between a plain grass yard and a rich and vibrant atmosphere.


A patio breaks up flat space and gives it extra dimensions. Extending a patio off a back door, or installing sliding glass doors to extend the indoor living area outside, creates the illusion of a larger home, too. Patio materials can be brick, cement, stone or wood. Incorporate several levels for a visually appealing way of drawing attention to various parts of the yard, or make a patio look larger than it is in total space.


Create islands of landscaping in a vast lawn to break up the space and make it more visually appealing. Good places for landscaping islands are naturally occurring trees. Where a tall, single tree stands in a sea of grass, cut out a patch of lawn around the tree and cover it with mulch, stone or landscaping plastic and plant small shrubs and flowers for an appealing visual focal point.


Weave brick, stone or cement pathways through your garden to move the focus around, and draw attention to favorite spots or plants. In roomier spaces, a walking path adds a peaceful stroll to the garden relaxation.

Water Elements

Water elements create a peaceful visual focal point and create pleasant, relaxing sounds to soothe visitors to your yard. Create a waterfall, pond, fountain or lake from scratch using a shovel; backhoe or tractor, depending on size; and heavy-duty plastic liner. Include the individual pumps, filters and jets to give the illusions you desire. Or, buy the kits for any of the types of water elements you prefer and follow the instructions for easy installation. Make sure you keep the water moving with pumps and filters to avoid making a mosquito trap. Running water does not attract pests.

Landscaping Software

Get a better idea of what your yard will look like when it's done before you pick up a shovel by using landscaping software. You can move around various elements, change the styles, color schemes, types of plants and building materials until you have the look that works best. Landscaping software saves you money and time so you get the look you want.

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