Care Instructions for a Star Passat Orchid


The Star Passat orchid is a specialty hybrid cultivar of the Phalaenopsis orchid species. It has a small, slightly star shaped flower construction with speckled sepals in hues of deep cerise pink and red. Phalaenopsis is an epiphytic orchid species that grows in soil-less potting substrate with good airflow and fast drainage. According to Texas A&M University, Phalaenopsis orchids are among the easiest orchids for novices to care for and even achieve re-bloom.

Step 1

Water your Star Passat orchid once every five to seven days, unless the weather is unusually dry and/or warm. Simply hold the pot under a faucet, gently running with tepid water until the bark or potting medium is drenched through. Allow the excess water to drain away from the medium before placing the orchid back in its normal growing location.

Step 2

Keep your orchid in a location with indirect light, where ambient temperatures always remain above 60 F overnight and below 82 F during the day. Keep the plant out of drafts from heating and air conditioning vents, windows and frequently opening and closing doors. Moist, fresh air is good; extremes of heat and cold and drying air flow are bad.

Step 3

Boost the ambient humidity for your orchid by misting the plant once each day or every other day with a spray mist bottle filled with distilled water. Tap water can be used but will likely spot the glossy leaves. Star Passat orchids prefer ambient humidity between 50 and 80 percent, according to Texas A&M University. If growing multiple orchids or breeding the plants, a humidifier might be a good solution, making frequent misting unnecessary.

Step 4

Feed your Star Passat orchid twice to three times per month during the growing season. Water the plant first with clear tepid water. Dissolve a teaspoon of orchid food in a gallon of water and pour through the potting medium to soak the roots, allowing the excess to drain away.

Step 5

Sever the flower spike at its halfway point with sharp clean scissors or a knife after all of the flowers above have bloomed and died back. The remaining spike might develop a new bloom spike. If it dies back instead, simply cut it off down at the crown of the plant in between the leaves. A new flower spike will typically emerge from the plant within a year's time if care remains consistent.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Distilled water
  • Refillable spray mist bottle
  • Water soluble orchid fertilizer
  • Sharp clean scissors or knife


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