How to Plant Potatoes on Top of Grass


Potatoes are a productive crop relative to the amount of space they take to grow. They can be harvested when young, about the size of a half-dollar, or allowed to grow to baseball size or larger before harvesting. Potatoes are low in calories and fat and are nutritious. They are a staple food in most American kitchens. To find the best variety of potato to grow in your area, and the correct time to plant, consult your local County Agricultural Extension Office. One planting method is to grow potatoes on top of grass.

Step 1

Plant in a well-drained area that receives at least six hours of sun exposure each day. The area should not be where water collects because potatoes rot if left sitting in water. Each row will be four feet wide and the potatoes are planted one foot apart.

Step 2

Mow the grass where the potatoes will be grown if it is taller than three to four inches. Because most potatoes are planted in early spring, the grass will most likely be dormant.

Step 3

Spread the potatoes on the ground eight to 12 inches apart in rows two feet wide. Cover with a layer of hay or straw six inches deep. Allow the hay to extend one foot from each side of the row so each row will be four feet wide when you are finished and covered with six inches of hay.

Step 4

Add more hay around the potato plants as they begin to grow from the layer of hay while keeping the hay moist, but not soaking wet. As the plants grow, no more than six inches of the top of the plants should be exposed without hay being placed around the plant stems. Stop applying hay around the stems of the potato plants when the hay layer reaches 12 inches deep. Keep the hay layer damp until the plants bloom and begin to die. That is when they are ready for harvest. Simply break apart the hay layer to locate fresh potatoes.

Things You'll Need

  • Seed potatoes
  • Hay
  • Lawn mower


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  • USDA: Cooperative Extension System Offices
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