How to Make a Garden Edging Fence


Edging gives a neat appearance to gardens, borders and beds. It separates the lawn from the flowers and keeps the two apart. A fence is a reminder to children and pets of where they are and aren't allowed. The fence doesn't have to be big and ugly to be effective. Construct a garden edging fence out of old bricks and prunings from your trees. It's not difficult, although it does take a little time and patience.

Step 1

Dig a trench three inches deep and wide around the garden, using a shovel.

Step 2

Lay bricks horizontally in the trench so the top of the brick is flush with the soil line. Adjust the level by adding more dirt or taking some away.

Step 3

Smooth the ground on the garden side of the bricks. Remove any stones or debris from 12 inches away from the bricks, again on the garden side.

Step 4

Lay a row of bricks next to the submerged bricks. Put two more rows of bricks on top of the first row, staggering the joints. In other words, lay one brick on top of two others so the top brick lays on half of each of the bricks below. The bricks should be in a basket-weave pattern.

Step 5

Place a second row of bricks three inches behind the first row. It should be three bricks high as well. There will be a gap between the two rows of bricks.

Step 6

Fill in the gap with garden dirt and sand.

Step 7

Cut tree branches between 1/4 inch thick to no thicker than 1/2 inch, using pruning shears. Weeping willow, fruit tree trimmings and olive branches all work well. Cut the branches into 36-inch lengths.

Step 8

Push one end of the branch into the sand/soil mixture between the bricks. It should be at least four inches and preferably six inches deep into the sand. Gently bend the stick into an arch and push the other end into the sand six inches away from the first end.

Step 9

Push the next branch into the sand three inches away from the first end of the first arched branch. Bend that branch into an arch and push the other end six inches away from the other end of that branch. You are making a series of overlapping arches as the fence. The sticks provide a decorative, rustic look to the fence at no cost to you.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wear safety goggles when cutting branches or trimming trees.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Sand
  • Bricks
  • Pruning shears
  • Branches


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