How to Buy a Fringe Tree


The fringe tree, known botanically as Chionanthus, is a genus of spring blooming tree of which there are several American and Chinese species and cultivars, according to Texas A&M University. The flowers of a fringe tree are fine, white, lace-like and abundant, giving the appearance of a colored netting over the tree when it is in bloom.

Step 1

Inquire at your local tree nursery or garden center if they stock or can order fringe trees for you. Fringe tree is native to the southern, eastern and lower midwestern regions of the United States, but some species have become naturalized and will thrive as far north as New Jersey and Delaware. It may be found for sale locally in these regions.

Step 2

Consult specialist mail-order sources and subscribe to nursery catalogs that specialize in ornamental trees and shrubs or the chionanthus genus and its attendant species. Options for available fringe tree cultivars can come up once or more a year.

Step 3

Choose a reputable online nursery to source a fringe tree. Several of the most robust cultivars are sold as young potted trees, but are popular and sell quickly--so preseason early ordering is going to help ensure you get the tree or trees of your choice. Search online nurseries for the genus first, and then for a specific species, if you have a preference.


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