How to Buy Red Bamboo Plants


Red and reddish-pink bamboos are somewhat rare even within the category of colored cane bamboo species. Yellow and green are the most common colors, with black, blue, white and red rounding out the color range. Colored bamboos are also likely to assume their color during a portion of their lives, but not necessarily during their entire lifespan, according to Quindembo Bamboo. Red cane bamboo species--such as Himalayacalamus falconeri damarapa and Bambusa multiplex alphonse karr--have deep pink to red canes when young but age to a more commonly seen golden or tan hue after a few years of growth.

Step 1

Look for an online or catalog mail-order nursery that specializes in bamboo and, more specifically, in hard-to-source or rare bamboo plants. Alternatively call or visit an exotic plants nursery in your region, if applicable. These retailers or wholesalers will be the most likely to propagate and/or stock the species of red and pink bamboos or have knowledge and access to order the plants for you and arrange to have them shipped.

Step 2

Purchase your bamboo plants from reputable dealers that either breed or sustainably and legally source their stock. This information will often be stated in the catalog or you can inquire about it. Poached plants are problematic for many reasons, including that they may not have been harvested properly or maintained in peak health since harvest.

Step 3

Check to make sure that the establishment clearly informs their customers about and abides by plant shipping and importation rules that vary widely by country of origin and from state to state.


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