How to Plant Norway Spruce Groupings


Norway spruce trees are native to Europe. The Picea abies grow quickly, up to 2 to 3 feet annually. They resist disease and pests well, making them generally healthy plants. As evergreens, Norway spruce fill in well, creating dense and attractive windbreaks or privacy groupings. The groupings also offer shelter to wildlife. Planting a grouping is done the same way as planting a single Norway spruce tree. The difference is that you're doing the same task over and over until you achieve the desired grouping.

Step 1

Plant Norway spruce groupings at least one month before frost sets in in the fall. This gives them sufficient time to become established before the cold weather arrives.

Step 2

Choose a planting site that has enough room for a Norway spruce grouping. You need space for two rows of trees spaced 8 to 10 feet apart. The site should get six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily and have soil that drains well.

Step 3

Dig a hole that is larger than the nursery container or plant's rootball. It should have enough space for the roots to spread out. Make the hole deep enough so the tree is at the same level as it was planted at in the nursery.

Step 4

Make the holes 5 to 8 feet apart from each other. Stagger the holes in the second row of Norway spruces so that they fill in the spaces between the first set of trees. This will allow them enough room for their lateral branches to grow.

Step 5

Place the Norway spruce trees in the centers of the holes. Fill them back in with soil and press down on the ground to eliminate air pockets. Water the soil around each tree to promote root growth and help the soil settle.

Step 6

Put mulch around the base of each tree to hold moisture in and keep weeds away from the grouping. Spread 3 inches of bark pieces, pine straw or wood chips around the trunks. Keep the mulch 6 inches from the tree trunk.

Step 7

Fertilize the Norway spruce grouping when the trees are young. Give them a slow-release fertilizer tablet in the first year, according to the manufacturer instructions.

Tips and Warnings

  • Keep hungry deer away with a deer-repellent product. Apply it to the tops of the Norway spruce grouping to repel the wildlife.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Shovel
  • Natural mulch
  • Slow-release fertilizer


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