How to Buy Vignoles Grape Plants


Vignoles, also known as Ravat 51, is a cold-hardy, white hybrid wine grape of French origins, according to the University of Minnesota. It is related to gewurztraminer and is known for its small but flavorful harvests. Vignoles vines can be purchased directly from vineyards that specialize in the varietal or from grape vine nurseries that breed and stock a wide variety of vine plants.

Step 1

Purchase your vignoles grapevines from a commercial grapevine nursery that sells the cultivar. Look for a quality firm that carries a good selection of cold-hardy white grapes. This is a sign that it is a quality vignoles breeder or vine source.

Step 2

Buy vignoles vines directly from a vineyard that specializes in this varietal. These sources will tend to offer a range of purchasing options, from just a vine plant or two up to hundreds of plants, with per-plant costs, shipping and royalty fees applying on a sliding scale. As of summer 2010, 50 vignoles vine plants can be purchased directly from the vineyard for $5.00 per plant plus a flat $32.00 for shipping, exclusive of royalty fees or tax, if applicable.

Step 3

Place your order for vignoles grapes in the early fall after the grape harvest for fall shipping and planting or spring shipping the following year to ensure that you get the top-quality vines you desire when you need them.


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