How to Make a Hydroponic Grow Box


Growing outdoor garden plants in your home 12 months out of the year is possible by making your own hydroponics grow box. The box is inexpensive to build and works well for growing vegetables, flowers or herbs indoors and outdoors. A hydroponics grow box is considered a deep-water hydroponics system that takes up minimal space.

Step 1

Lay the plastic cover of a firm surface and evenly place 11 netted pots in three rows with the open side down. Trace around the edge of each pot with a permanent marker.

Step 2

Remove the pots from the cover and use a compass to find the center of each traced circle. Draw a second circle 1/2 inch inside each marking.

Step 3

Cut out each inner circle with a sharp knife. Cut 1/2 inch apart from the edge of the hole to the outer marking to hold the netted pots in the cover.

Step 4

Drill a hole above the container handle to fit the air pump tubing through. Place the air pump next to the container, attach one end of the tubing to the pump and feed the opposite end of tube through the hole. Attach the air stone to the opposite end of the tubing and lay it on the bottom of the container.

Step 5

Set the empty grow box on two to three wood slats to elevate it off the ground or floor for easy water cleanup. Cover the air pump with a small plastic container to prevent water from spilling on it.

Step 6

Fill the grow box with water so the netted pots in the cover are submerged in 1 inch of water. Mix hydroponics nutrients into the water by following the application rate on the package.

Step 7

Set the cover onto the grow box without the netted pots in place. Secure the cover with zip ties if it does not snap tight. Drill a hole through the corner lip of the cover and container and thread a zip tie through to hold in place.

Step 8

Remove plant seedlings from their soil growing containers. Rinse the soil off the roots with cool water and plant them in netted pots filled with hydroponics medium.

Step 9

Monitor the water level so it does not drop below the bottom edge of the netted pots. Add nutrients to the grow box when adding water to maintain an adequate level for plant growth.

Things You'll Need

  • 18-gallon plastic container with cover
  • Netted pots
  • Marking pen
  • Compass
  • Sharp knife
  • Air stone
  • 3-watt pump with tubing
  • Wood slats
  • Small container
  • Drill
  • Zip ties
  • Hydroponics nutrients
  • Hydroponics planting medium


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