Garden Ornament Ideas

Ornaments have a special place in a home garden. All year long as blooms and foliage come and go, your garden ornaments will continue to add visual interest. Chose large, permanent ornaments that you will not grow sick of for a long time, or smaller, more portable decorations that you can easily change whenever you wish.


Little critters peeking out of forgotten corners of your garden can add an air of magic to your landscape. Garden gnomes are a classic, and come in a wide variety of designs. For a smaller, more hidden look, place fairies below flowering paths where they will only be visible to careful viewers. For a more formal look, use stone sculptures such as gargoyles, angels and cherubs, or religious statues such as Buddhas and St. Francis statues. For a more natural alternative, use sculpted birds, deer, butterflies and other forest creatures.


Decorative planters double as garden ornaments and functional elements in a container garden. Plant your plants in ornamental terracotta planters, massive stone urns or attractive glazed pots for a classical earthy look. For a more rustic style, use metal washtubs, rain barrels and wooden pails to hold your plants. If you prefer a more modern look, use gleaming stainless steel or other bright metal planters as garden ornaments.


The sound and look of moving water is quite soothing, and garden fountains are a classic ornament dating back many hundreds of years. Fountains come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes to fit any size and aesthetic. For a classic look, install a stone fountain featuring water spewing from a mouth or spilling from a sculpted urn. For a more modern look, put in a water wall as a garden ornament. The minimalist look of a sheet of water cascading down a wall of dark stone preserves the relaxing effect of water in a contemporary, low-profile design. For a more natural look, landscape a small waterfall using rocks. Add a small pond at the base or simply have the water disappear behind large rocks into a hidden basin.

Natural Ornaments

A number of natural objects make excellent garden ornaments with little or no modification. In a sparse, low lying garden, one or two landscape boulders will make a big impression. Add a few cut geodes or other attractive stones along the garden path to catch the attention of visitors. A large piece of driftwood or a large seashell can also make a statement in your garden just as it is.

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