Gravel Garden Ideas

Gravel is an ideal material to use within the garden because it conforms to any shape. The crunchy texture yet soft feel underfoot makes gravel useful for hardscape areas where you want an informal look. Gravel is also durable and weather-resistant to create a long-lasting design. When in need of an update, spread a fresh layer of gravel over the garden and rake down for a smooth, level and tidy appearance.

Gravel Path

Form a meandering gravel path to connect areas of the landscape like a front entrance and side yard patio. Gravel lends an organic feel to the path and one that handles daily wear and tear but without sacrificing its form and crisp, casual look. To create a walking path, make sure the gravel path is at least 2 feet wide. This width allows gardening equipment like lawnmowers and wheelbarrows to easily maneuver through the garden. Follow the natural curve of the landscape to keep the design easy to maintain and build. Snake the path through perennial and vegetable beds to allow for access while pruning, watering and weeding the garden.

Gravel Patio

Use gravel to create a simple patio where you can unwind and watch the garden grow. A gravel patio gives you a year-round area for outdoor dining and living and you can build them in small or large spaces and in any shape imaginable. Tuck the gravel patio within the garden to surround yourself with flowers and plants or nestle the gravel patio along a corner of the garden to help use dead space. Alongside the patio and over the gravel, place containers filled with favorite plants for a layered look to the garden.

Gravel Water Feature

Water features help give a relaxing, soothing feel to the space. Made from a wide range of materials including, stone, metal and plastic, they create a focal point to the garden. Gravel works well for a water feature. Place the gravel under the water fountain to use for the base of the feature. As the water spills over the gravel and wets the rocks, it creates a glistening display. Gravel also helps to form a surface for a small pool of water below the feature that attracts butterflies to the garden.

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