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The inhabitants of every country welcome the first signs of spring after a cold, harsh winter, and Canadians are no exception. Canada is home to more than 3,500 species of flowering plants in a plethora of shapes, colors, sizes and textures. Canadian flowers decorate the landscape every spring and summer, and provide much needed color over soil that was blanketed by dense winter snow. While some Canadian flowers are rare, others bloom throughout North America.

Mountain Avens

This rare, mountain-dwelling flower is found in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia and in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Although rare on a global scale, mountain avens are found in abundance in these areas. This low-lying plant features deep green kidney-shaped leaves that change color to reddish-purple every fall. It has a large yellow flower that blooms from June to August, and is sometimes mistaken for a buttercup.

Canada Anemone

Also called meadow anemone, the Canada anemone plant belongs to the buttercup family and is commonly found growing across southern Canada. It features 2- to 3-inch long stems with single, 1- to 1 1/2-inch wide white flowers that bloom from May to August. It prefers full to partial sun and moderate moisture.

Purple Saxifrage

The purple saxifrage belongs to the saxifrage family of flowers that grow only in high altitudes. The plant features a mass of tubular flowers with orange stamens, and dense foliage that carpets the growth area. Plants grow tightly together. Each stem is covered with short leaves on which a single showy flower grows. Flowers bloom from early to mid-May to color rocky or dry areas where other plants do not easily grow.

Dwarf Lake Iris

The dwarf lake Iris (Iris lacustris) is a unique flower only found on Canada's Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin Island, and in Wisconsin and parts of northern Michigan in the United States. It grows close to the ground and features tiny, light green leaves. The dark purple flowers have a hint of blue and grow singly on stems. They bloom from May to early June to form brightly colored, dense patches along the shoreline.

Rose Pogonia

Also known as goldcrest or snake mouth, the rose pogonia is one of the 70 varieties of orchids native to Canada. The plant features a single stem with one or two pink flowers on top. The center of each flower is composed of deep yellow bristles surrounded by a deep pink crest. It blooms in June and July, and is commonly found in marshes, bogs and moist areas.

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