Front Walkway Landscaping Ideas

Have passersbys, friends and family do a double-take when they see the front walkway of your home. Front walkways are the first impression of your house and special attention to detail will ensure the landscape is attractive. No matter how large or small the entryway, planting favorite plants and flowers helps to personalize the space and make the design your own.

Perennial Plants

Create a long-lasting addition along the front walkway by planting perennials. Perennials have a one-time planting to grow back year after year, taller and fuller than before. Grown in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, perennials are ideal for lining a front walkway to help bring in color and texture to the landscape. To create an attractive walkway design, line the entrance with low growing perennials like creeping plants and small mounding flowers. Creeping plants like thyme and sedum both have trailing tendrils that hug the walkway edge and help define the space and fill out low-growing areas of the landscape. Blue star creeper, another low-growing perennial, grows in small, upright tufts and has spring-blooming pale blue flowers that create a commanding presence to the walkway.


Annuals flower grow, bloom and die within their season. They help to fill in areas of the landscape with their unusual blooms and interesting foliage. Many annuals make ideal accent plants for areas like a front walkway where you want to showcase the home and create a showstopping design. Along the front walkway, plant annuals in dead areas that need a burst of color and texture, or in between existing plants to accent their colors. Ground covers like evergreen candytuft make an ideal annual flower along the landscape because of its low-growing nature and attractive blooms. It grows up to 12 inches tall and has a spread of 3 to 4 feet---ideal planted along a front walkway. The 2-inch wide, dissected flowers grow in clusters and bloom from March to May. Because of the neutral color, evergreen candytuft enhances surrounding plants and helps create a cohesive design.


Line the front entrance with sparkling solar lights. Solar lights are an ideal way to showcase a front entrance and provide necessary light to keep the path well lit throughout the year. They don't require electricity so they are low-cost and environmentally friendly. Made in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors, solar lights range from ground stake lighting to hanging lights to spotlights. Stake lighting requires you to nestle or stake the light into the soil to ensure a snug fit. It is a popular option that emits enough light to create a warm glow to the front entrance. As the sun goes down, the built-in, sun-charged battery kicks on to create a shimmering cast of light to the landscape.

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