Drip Irrigation Advantages

Drip irrigation is also known as trickle irrigation and micro-irrigation. It slowly dispenses water in drips or slow sprays through multiple emitters strategically placed near plants either above, at ground level or underground. Professional nurseries, greenhouses and orchids growers use this technique. Drip irrigation has many advantages in the home garden as well with several benefits that top the list.

Maximizes Water Usage

Less evaporation occurs with drip irrigation. The water is emitted slower than with other irrigation systems and goes right next to the plants, usually on or under the ground. However, it can be above ground with similar benefits. Water seeps into the soil before it evaporates. Using less water also reduces water costs.

Less Labor

An installed drip irrigation system remains in one place. You don't need to move and set sprinkler nor water by hand. Add a timer to the system and you rarely even have to think about garden irrigation.

Easy Fertilizer and Pesticide Application

Drip irrigation systems that are ground level or underground can have a fertilizer and pesticide injectors added to easily apply fertilizer and pesticides at an even rate. This process is called chemigation and has less chemical waste.


Utilize the meter that comes with the drip irrigation system for best results. Reduce or increase irrigation as needed. Set the system to drip more during the hot summer and less during the spring and fall. Increase it even more during a dry heat wave and reduce it during a rainy cool spell. Increase drip rate when your plants are dry, wilted and appear to not get enough water and reduce it when they appear to look overwatered.

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