How to Hang Planter Pots


There are many interesting ways to hang planter pots. You can create a wall of plants by planting several rows or tiers of plants vertically along the end of a porch or between deck posts. This can be particularly helpful if your view in that direction is less than pleasant. Hanging planter pots is based on the weight, size and shape of the planter and its requirements for light. Planter pots should be well-supported by chains and strong overhead eye hooks or pipes.

Step 1

Weigh your filled and watered planter using a bathroom scale. It is important that the screw eyes, chains, S-hooks and pipes you select be capable of carrying the weight load of one or more planters.

Step 2

Drill a pilot hole in your beam in the location where you want to place your screw eye. Your screw eye should be rated to carry the weight of your planter. Screw the screw eye into the wood. If it becomes difficult to screw, slide the shaft of a screw driver into the eye and use the handle as leverage to turn the eye until all the threads of the screw eye are inside the wood.

Step 3

Hook the planter pot to the screw eye by inserting the large S-hook attached to the planter pot chains into the screw eye. Try not to use twine or thin ropes to hang pots as the fiber of the twine may rub and wear through or otherwise come apart easily.

Step 4

Adjust the height of your chains by inserting small S-hooks to reduce the number of links. Your planter should not be in the way of walking, sitting or passing where it will be easily bumped or broken.

Step 5

Hang a wall of flowers and plants by mounting a galvanized pipe between two wood posts on a porch or deck. Suspend planters directly using the large S-hooks attached to the planter's chains. In between planters suspend chains so that you can mount additional rows of flowers and plants. Be sure to include one climbing and flowering plant that can climb your chains. You can also mix your pipe with a few screw eyes spaced further out on the beam to give you additional mounting opportunities.

Things You'll Need

  • Bathroom scale
  • Drill
  • Screw eye
  • Screwdriver
  • Galvanized pipe
  • Flush pipe mounts
  • Wood screws
  • S-hooks
  • Chains
  • Bolt cutters


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