Fast-Growing Shade Bushes

The decision to beautify a shady portion of the landscape often prompts gardeners to desire mature landscape plants. The cost of larger bushes often exceeds the allowable landscape budget. Selecting fast-growing shrubs offers an alternative to buying expensive mature bushes. Fast-growing landscape plants require more frequent grooming to maintain plant health. Pruning involves thinning the bush to remove old growth to provide light access to the interior of the plant.

Tatarian Dogwood

Medium green leaves with white margins grace the beautiful tatarian dogwood shrub. This fast-growing plant reaches mature sizes of 8 feet high and wide. Provide well-drained soil for the tatarian dogwood as well as regular pruning. This shrub blooms with small off-white flowers in late spring. Flowers provide sparse color interest with growth in flat clusters. Tatarian dogwood drops leaves in the fall to provide fall and winter interest with stems shaded a vibrant red. This plant thrives in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 2 to 7. Uses include mass plantings, single ornamental landscape shrubs or as hedge plants.

Rose of Sharon

The rose of Sharon offers gardeners a semi-shade shrub with an upright growth habit. Leaves are light green with three rounded lobes. Foliage alone makes this a desirable plant due to the ability to easily shape and prune the bush. Rose of Sharon blooms in late summer with wide blooms that resemble the large 4-inch hibiscus flowers. As a member of the hibiscus family, Rose of Sharon features a wide range of bloom colors including pink, purple, white, rose and bicolor varieties. Mature plants reach up to 8 feet high and 4 feet wide. Rose of Sharon thrives in zones 5 to 8.

Scarlet Firethorn Pyracantha

This deer-resistant shrub reaches a mature height and width of up to 12 feet. Pyracantha features dark-green foliage and prefers partial shade locations. This plant also produces thorns along the main bush trunk and branches. These spikes deter wildlife from grazing on this fast-growing shade plant. Pyracantha produces flowers in early summer as clusters of small white buds. This plant does bear fruit in the form of orange berries in the fall. Provide well-drained soil to establish the pyracantha. This thorny plant makes an excellent barrier hedge. Plant in zones 6 to 9 for the best growing results. The pyracantha acts as an evergreen in zones 8 and 9 and functions as a deciduous shrub in zones 6 to 7. Prune regularly to control plant size and to promote growth on the plant's interior branches.

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