Grass Cutting Machines

Grass cutting is a regular part of lawn maintenance every year beginning in spring for homeowners across the country. Grass cutting machines, or lawn mowers, come in a range of types. Selecting the best mower depends on various factors. Choose a lawn mower suited for your specific lawn needs or requirements.

Reel Grass Cutters

Reel mowers, or manual-reel mowers, do not pollute or require power cords or gasoline. These grass-cutting machines are environmentally friendly, quiet to operate, typically inexpensive, easy to maintain and provide exercise, since they are people-powered. Reel mowers consist of a moving "reel" or set of blades that moves as the wheels turn. According to the Consumer Reports, some models include batteries to turn the blades. This type of grass cutter requires lawn mowing more often, since a reel mower does not work on grass more than 1-½ inches high.

Powered Push Mowers

Electric push-type lawn mowers come with a connected power cord or cordless. Electric mowers are quiet to run, use push-button starters, generate no exhaust emissions, involve little maintenance and provide a work out. Electric mowers use a rotary blade that is powered by an engine. Gas-powered mowers use rotary blades and are available as either push-type or self-propelled. These types of grass cutting machines work better on thick or long grass than other mowers discussed. Gas mowers are noisy, call for regular engine maintenance and emit pollutants into the air.

Riding Mowers

Riding mowers, or lawn tractors, come in a range of prices and styles. These mowers work the best for large areas and can be used for other landscape tasks with a variety of accessories or attachments, such as wagons or snow throwers. Riding mowers use rotary blades, can cut quicker and require little manual labor to operate. However, these grass cutters typically cost the most, require regular maintenance, produce exhaust emissions and are noisy. Zero-turn-radius mowers are riding mowers with more maneuverability and usually a higher price. These mowers use rear-wheel steering and a rear-engine controlled by two steering levers.

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