Flowers Which Complement Pansies

Pansies are compact plants with brightly colored flowers that bloom during the cool temperatures of fall, winter and early spring. Hardy in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) zones 6, 7 and 8, pansies are considered a winter annual. To complement annual pansies blooming in your garden, plant perennials and flowering shrubs that bloom at the same time.


Camellias bloom in shades of pink and white for up to six weeks during the late fall and winter. Camellias are perennial blooming shrubs and bushy plants that are hardy in zones 6b and warmer. The bright whites and pinks of the camellia flowers complement the lavenders, blues, yellows and whites found in pansies. Plant camellias as foundation plants along the back of your pansy flower garden, or as border plants along the walkway. Select partially shaded areas with moist, acidic soil that drains well.

Hardy Chrysanthemums

Hardy chrysanthemums are perennial bloomers that thrive in zones 5 through 8. A compact, bushy plant with colorful blooms in the fall, early winter and early spring, chrysanthemums complement pansies in size and color selection. Plant chrysanthemums in a partially shaded area of your garden that has good drainage. Pinch the blossoms back as they begin to grow to make the plants grow bushy.

Cold Weather Roses

Plant cold weather roses in shades to complement the colors of your pansies. Cold weather roses thrive during harsh winters and can bloom late into the fall. Species roses, "Gallica," "Centrifolias," "Knock-Out" and other shrub roses are an example of the cultivars that will bloom alongside your pansies.

Winter Honeysuckle

Winter honeysuckle is a large shrub with fragrant white flowers during the winter months. Plant winter honeysuckle as a foundation or border plant in the same flower garden as your pansies. The white blooms offer a striking background to the multicolored blossoms of the pansies. Winter honeysuckle can reach heights of 8 feet with a 10-foot spread. This fragrant shrub is hardy in zones 5 to 9 and can thrive in partial shade to full sun.

Winter Jasmine

Draw attention to pansies planted on an embankment or beneath a garden by planting winter jasmine in the area. A small shrub that can bloom in January, depending on the climate, winter jasmine forms a trailing mound that can potentially reach 4 feet in height with a 5- to 7-foot-wide spread. Small yellow flowers bloom over a six to eight week period and will complement the bright shades of the pansies.

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