Daisy Centerpiece Ideas

Daisies are country if you're looking at marguerite daisies, fresh and youthful if you're considering shasta daisies or modern and sophisticated if your choice is gerbera daisies. Before arranging daisies of any kind, snip off 1/2 inch of the stems and put them in iced water for 30 minutes. The flowers will stay fresh longer in a centerpiece.

Shasta Daisies

Shasta daisies are perennials with white petals and yellow centers. The flowers are 2 to 3 inches across. They are good cut flowers with sturdy stems and will last in an arrangement up to 10 days if the water is changed daily. Cut 12 or more shasta daisies to the same height. Tie the bouquet together about 3 inches below the flower heads. Cover the string with a yellow wire-edged ribbon bow, letting the ends trail down the stems. Stand the bouquet upright in a round shallow vase with sides at least 3 inches high and a flat bottom. The sides of the vase will keep the stems from spreading out too far. Fill the vase with more shasta daisies that have had their stems cut no taller than the sides of the vase.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are 3 to 4 1/2 inches wide with a contrasting or matching center. Colors are vivid, pastel or white. They don't come in true blue or purple. The stems are long but weak and should be wired for bouquets. Find two vases where the smaller vase will fit inside the larger vase with about an inch between them. Fill the inner vase with water and gerbera daisies in one color, such as lemon, orange or bright pink. Fill the outer vase with unwrapped hard candy in a color that matches the daisies. If you would like a shorter arrangement, use a bubble vase as the outer vase and a glass that fits inside the bubble vase to hold the daisies.

Marguerite Daisies

Marguerite daisies are annuals growing to 18 inches high. The flowers are up to 2 inches across. They last when cut but have slender stems that won't take too much fussing. They bloom in white, pink or yellow with yellow centers. The marguerite daisy prefers blooming in cooler weather in spring and early summer. Arranging marguerite daisies is a challenge because of their weak stems. Compose the centerpiece with a bouquet of daisies simply set in an informal container, such as a jug or milk pitcher. Echo the round shape of the daisy with a round arrangement. Fill a round dish with sides about 2 inches high with floral foam. Poke sprigs of asparagus fern or other greenery around the edges of the dish. Fill in with daisies by cutting their stems short and poking them in the foam closely together. Use concentric circles of white, pink and yellow marguerite daisies for a different look.

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