Gerbera Daisy Centerpiece Ideas

Gerbera daisies are a favorite for centerpieces--they're cheerful, colorful and long-lasting as cut flowers. They lend themselves especially well to themed decor, because of their vast color range from pastels to brights. Choose a color theme to match the occasion or your decor.


Collect empty glass soda bottles (soda in glass bottles is still sold in many large supermarkets). Wash the bottles; most don't have labels, just the glass imprint of the brand, and that adds to the nostalgic charm. Put down a red checked tablecloth, then fill the bottles two-thirds full with water and arrange on the center of the table. Put one to three Gerbera daises in each bottle. Stick with the bright yellow, orange and red daises so you don't create a color clash with the tablecloth.


Choose Gerbera daises in red and white for a classy, patriotic centerpiece, perfect for an Independence Day gathering. If you have white ceramic or plastic vases, use those; otherwise purchase some blue glass vases, which are available at any large discount store or home decor center and are economical. Choose a variety of shapes and sizes of vases; short and round, taller and skinny, and one that is larger than the rest. The larger your table, the more vases you can handle, but a good rule of thumb is to get one large vase, three medium vases and four or five small, round vases. Put down a tablecloth that coordinates with the red, white and blue theme, or skip the tablecloth if you're outdoors and don't want to deal with it blowing away in the wind. Arrange a large bouquet of red and white daisies in the largest vase, which should be filled two-thirds full with water. Tie a red, white or blue ribbon around the flower stems or the neck of the vase. Set in the center of the table. Fill the remaining vases with water and arrange three to five Gerbera daises in each one. Add ribbon to a few of the vases, but not to all, then set all these vases in a staggered circle around the largest vase.


This idea works well for a longer, rectangular table, and will keep the line of vision clear between guests. Start with 10 fresh Gerbera daisies in colors that coordinate with your decor. Find 10 to 12 tea cups or candle holders. You can purchase small, clear glass candle holders for about $1 each at a dollar store or large discount store. Arrange these "mini-vases" down the center of the table (on a table runner, if you have one), staggering them slightly for a more casual look or keeping them straight and even for a more formal look. Fill two-thirds with water and put a single daisy in each, trimming the stem so the flower rests just on the lip of the vase. To add a fuller look, buy an additional 10 candle holders and fill with candles. Intersperse these among the daisies on the table.

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