How to Use a Seeder


Using a seeder will save you time when planting. It will slit the soil to create a better seed bed and then drop seeds in. You can generally buy a good seeder at a hardware store for around $100. However, most hardware stores also have seeders available for you to rent for a small hourly fee. You may use the seeder to overseed an existing lawn, plant a new lawn or seed your vegetable garden.

Step 1

Dethatch if you are overseeding an existing lawn. You should also aerate the lawn, but it is not necessary. If you are starting a new lawn or planting a garden, smooth the soil and remove any large rocks.

Step 2

Pour seeds into the slit seeder. Adjust the drop rate on the seeder according to the manufacturer's directions on the bag.

Step 3

Pull the start-up cord while squeezing the engine stop lever and push-handle together. Continue squeezing these together as you seed.

Step 4

Walk in rows, pushing your seeder. The seeder will slit the soil and drop seeds. When you have walked the entire area of yard or garden, release the engine stop lever so the seeder shuts off.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake
  • Aerator
  • Seeds


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