Ideas for Landscaping Garden Ponds

Garden ponds can bring hummingbirds, butterflies and a host of other species to your garden. Landscaping garden ponds with flowering plants and trees will further entice colorful birds and insects to call your property home. Start with a focal point to border the pond, and then fill in the surrounding area with complementary flowers and foliage.

Waterfall Pond

Create a garden pond with a free-standing waterfall as the focal point on the facing edge. Camouflage the waterfall structure by stacking natural slate or medium-sized river rock as a backdrop to the surrounding landscaping. Plant a mixture of azaleas, rose of Sharon, camellias or other types of blooming shrubs appropriate for your area along each side of the waterfall. Azaleas bloom in the spring, rose of Sharon blooms in the summer and camellias bloom in the winter; plant a mixture of similar flowering shrubs to have color around the waterfall throughout the year. Border the ground-level perimeter of the garden pond with the same stone as on the waterfall. Plant low growing perennial and annual flowers, such as Stella Doro daylilies, calla lilies, hardy chrysanthemums and pansies behind the rock formation for added color year-round.

Weeping Cherry Tree Pond

Plant weeping cherry trees around your garden pond and enjoy their gracefully elegant foliage from early spring to late fall. Weeping cherry trees are deciduous; they lose their leaves in the winter, leaving a striking silhouette against the landscape. Aromatic, white, five-petal flowers cover the tree each spring. Landscape a small garden pond with a dwarf weeping cherry tree or border a larger garden pond with one weeping cherry tree on each side. Dwarf weeping cherry trees are a relatively new cultivar of this hardy, ornamental tree. Prune the limbs of the weeping cherry so that they will not touch the ground, or let them grow naturally and sweep to the edge of the pond.

Boulder Pond

Create a garden pond that resembles a mountain lake with large rocks as the main focal point. Landscaping with boulders combined with other medium-sized rocks makes a strong statement in your garden, Place a boulder at the head of the pond with medium-sized rocks scattered around the perimeter. Plant mountain laurel, miniature gardenias or other showy, sprawling shrubs alongside the boulder to add softness to the hardscape. Plant compact ground covers that flower between the medium-sized rocks such as hostas, ornamental oregano, catmint and geranium.

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