Sunflower Centerpiece Ideas

Sunflowers contain large flowering heads and come in a variety of colors including yellow, orange and maroon. Creating a sunflower centerpiece does not require numerous items. Decide if you wish to create your centerpiece from annual sunflowers or artificial sunflowers. Depending upon your decision, your centerpiece may last a long time or possibly a week or two.

Canning Jar

Purchase a canning jar and decorative rocks from your local hobby store. Fill the bottom of the canning jar with the rocks and fill the jar with water. Insert your sunflowers into the canning jar and select a beautiful ribbon to tie around the lip of jar. Place the sunflower centerpiece on a colorful bandana in the center of your kitchen or dining room table. If you wish, you may use silk sunflowers and omit the water for a long-lasting centerpiece.

Fragrant Centerpiece

Arrange a fragrant sunflower centerpiece in a colorful vase by selecting oranges, whole cloves, yellow roses and sunflowers. Insert whole cloves into the oranges and fasten the oranges to skewer sticks---one orange per stick. Do not pierce directly through the orange, as the orange may slide down the stick. Insert the fragrant orange cloves, yellow roses and sunflowers in your vase. Arrange to your personal liking and fill the vase with water.

Single Sunflower

Create a simple centerpiece for your table by selecting a brightly colored blue or purple vase for holding a single flower. Fill the vase with water and insert one sunflower. The colors contrast one another well and draw attention to your centerpiece. To add more contrast, place the blue or purple vase on top of an orange or yellow bandana.

Wicker Basket

Purchase a wicker basket and ribbon. The color of the ribbon will vary depending upon your personal choice. Tie a piece of ribbon around the stem of each sunflower and curl with your scissors. Place the sunflowers in the wicker basket and arrange until satisfied. Place the wicker basket directly on your table. You may wish to also place one in your bathroom as a decoration.

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