How to Buy Hostas in Bulk


Hosta are striking-looking and long-lived perennial plants that can be propagated over time by division and thrive in the shade. These qualities make them prized in the landscape and also means they tend to be sold at premium prices. There are hundreds of cultivars of hosta, according to Purdue University, and they come in a vast array of colors and leaf patterns. They are often sold in curated collections of complementary shades and textures and prices can often be better than when the plants are sold individually.

Step 1

Select a nursery via catalog or online that specializes entirely, or to a significant degree, in propagating and selling hosta plants. The best quality plants, in larger volumes at a reasonable cost, will often come from these sources and your choice of rare and very popular hosta cultivars will often be much greater.

Step 2

Peruse the catalog and online plant offerings and contact the nursery to discuss the option of a better bulk price if buying in much larger quantities. Collections of 20 or more plants are commonly sold but if you are seeking hundreds or thousands of plants, conversing with the nursery staff is the best way to go to determine if they can meet your needs and price.

Step 3

Place your order with the hosta nursery of your choice by late summer or early fall to reserve your preferred plants for spring shipping and planting in your garden. Early ordering is important for prime selection and many of the better nurseries will accept orders year-round for their plants.


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