How to Know When Grass Seeds Are Beginning to Grow


Planting grass seeds requires preparation and maintenance during the germination period. As a successful lawn needs much work and care, make sure you stay focused on providing this daily care to ensure your grass grows properly. As the days go by and you continue watering the germinating grass seeds, you might wonder how you will know when the grass seeds are beginning to grow. Because you mulch the seeded area heavily with straw, you must watch carefully to see the first green blades emerging from the soil.

Step 1

Push some of the straw aside lightly from the seeded area approximately five days after sowing the grass seeds.

Step 2

Look carefully at the soil to detect faint green grass blades emerging from the soil. At the first tiny shoots of grass emerging, you know the grass is beginning to grow.

Step 3

Cover the seeded area back up with the mulch to continue to protect it while it germinates.

Step 4

Check the seeded area again in one or two days. You should see thicker evidence of grass emerging from the soil at this time. Replace the mulch.


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