The Prettiest Types of Flowers

With thousands of options available, picking the prettiest types of flowers to incorporate into a garden is no simple task. Among the standouts, some thrive almost anywhere while others require almost obsessive attention. Considering the conditions of a garden and the time and effort the person caring for it is willing to devote helps narrow down the field to the prettiest types of flowers for any particular setting.

Demanding Showstoppers

For a gardener in need of a challenge, the prettiest types of flowers may be those with the least chance of blooming. The strange enchantment of the blue Himalayan poppy in full bloom may provide a Northeastern gardener with a genuine thrill. Exotic orchids' tropical sass may decorate the apartment of a talented Brooklynite and intoxicate visitors. Native to northern Thailand, the parrot flower looks like exactly that, and would keep even the most resourceful gardener hunting for a creative way to coax it into bloom.

Unusual Beauties

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as these flowers exemplify. The flowering lithops, commonly known as the "living stone," has evolved to look like a rock to avoid predators. Darcunculus vulgaris, or snake lily, has a dark purple hood and a big black spadix, making its beauty ideal for those who admire vampires. Mexican passionflowers look like light green starfish with a spray of silly string attached to their centers. Don't underestimate the power of an unusual flower to attract attention.

Low-Maintenance Favorites

It's a gardener's fantasy: toss a handful of seeds in the yard, cover them with dirt, water them once, let nature take over and voila! A breathtaking display of the prettiest types of flowers. But it isn't only a fantasy; enjoying regionally specific wildflowers may be that easy. Just remember that plants that grow well in your area are sometimes considered weeds. If you discover that a few of your flowers are familiar as decoration on the side of the highway, remember the old saying, "May all your weeds be flowers," and enjoy your local treasure.

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