How to Get Gracidea Flowers


An item plant in the series of Pokemon video games, the Gracidea flower is native to the land of Gracidea. It allows you to shift your Shaymin Pokemon from the Earth to Wind element. This improves the chances of winning battles against Pokemon creatures of opposing elements. Knowing how to get Gracidea flowers allows you to keep them handy for a battle with your Shaymin.

Step 1

Travel to Floaroma Town. This is located in the region of Sinnoh.

Step 2

Travel to the med clinic. Once there, heal all of your Pokemon.

Step 3

Engage the nurse in conversation. She will give you a note.

Step 4

Deliver the note to the house on the east side of Floaroma Town.

Step 5

Return to the nurse. She will give you a bouquet of Gracidea flowers.

Things You'll Need

  • Copy of Pokemon Platinum, Gold or Silver
  • Shaymin Pokemon


  • Bulbapedia: Gracidea Flowers
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