Green Flowers for Bouquets

Green isn't often associated with flowers, other than their green leaves. It is an unusual color for flowers and provides interest in bouquets combined with other colors. Combining blue and green flowers is calming. Green and yellow flowers are energizing. An all green bouquet can be a show stopper. Green and white is even a combination used by brides who want something different for their bouquets.

Bells of Ireland

Probably the best known green flower, it blooms on tall stalks with bell shaped flowers all along the stalk. The color is an intense light green. It's an annual that easily grows from seed and grows up to 36 inches tall. It is resistant to drought and doesn't like consistently moist soil. It self seeds quite easily.


Many flowers from bulbs, corms and tubers come in green, as well as other colors. Green wave parrot tulips have ruffled petals about 3 inches long. Fritillaria looks like an upside down bouquet since a cluster of leaves grows above a cluster of flowers. Ranunclus are round flowers with many petals clustered tightly in a circle around the center. It blooms profusely throughout late spring and early summer. Green goddess calla lily is a trumpet shaped lily with a prominent calax. Gladoili bloom on stalks of flowers up to 4 feet high. The flowers look a bit like ruffled orchids and bloom from the bottom of the stalk upward.

Common Garden Flowers

Many flowers are common because they are readily available at florists and floral departments of grocery stores, as well as online resources. Roses bloom in a rainbow of colors except true blue. Green roses include yellow-green tipped with a darker green in the bud state, white flushed with green and a light green. Hydrangeas often start with green buds and then turn another color. Some stay green. Hydrangeas have many small flowers arranged in a circular pattern. The circular pattern may be mop capped which is rather flat like a cap, in balls, or cone-shaped. The flowers dry well and keep their green color. Spider mums have long tubular petals forming a flower that can reach 5 inches across. Button mums have a greenish cast to the white petals. Mums have long strong stems and last up to 10 days when cut. Amaranthus has long pendulous clusters of flowers. It drapes over the sides of the vase. Most amaranthus are pink or white, the green is rather unusual. Orchids come in shades of green from light to medium. They often include another color such as white, yellow or burgundy.

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