Brands of Plant Fertilizer

Healthy soil makes for healthy gardens. Although there are many types available, synthetic fertilizers do not add organic matter to the soil. Organic matter contains microorganisms, which produce nutrients that promote healthy plant growth, giving nutritional and overall increased health value to vegetables and fruits. Organic fertilizer adds organic matter to soil, and there are many brands of this type of plant fertilizer to choose from if you want to create a healthy garden.

Dr. Earth

Dr. Earth fertilizers, soil amendments and pest control products are available at most garden centers and online. The website has an extensive library of information about "the organic revolution" in agriculture and what it means to home gardeners. Dr. Earth Life All-Purpose Fertilizer is a NPK 5-5-5 balanced broadcast fertilizer. Rose and Flower Fertilizer NPK 5-7-2 blend is good for rose feeding and pre-spring dressing. Tomato, Vegetable and Herb Fertilizer and Bud and Bloom Booster are both USDA certified Organic.

Fox Farms

Fox Farms is a family-owned business that is called "the microbrewery"of plant foods and soil mixes. Products such as Ocean Forest Potting Soil, Happy Frog Soil Conditioner and Peace of Mind All Purpose Fertilizer are based on worm casting ingredients plus bat guano, fish meal, feather meal and other naturally occurring elements. American Pride is an NPK 9-6-6 time-release fertilizer that spreads nutrients quickly to revitalize depleted soil.

Black Gold

Black Gold fertilizers are based on worm casting ingredients. Black Gold All Organic and Black Gold Garden Compost are general-use fertilizers and soil amendments that add billions of microorganisms to soil to enhance growth safely. Starter and Transplant Fertilizer expands the nutrient absorption of the soil for new plants. Black Gold organic fertilizers are listed by the Organic Review Materials Institute, which provides reviews of organic products. The mixture of Canadian sphagnum moss, forest humus, worm castings and aged compost makes these products unique.

Neptune's Harvest

Neptune's Harvest organic fish fertilizers are highly concentrated nutritional protein obtained from fresh North Atlantic fish. Fish are ground and broken down by biological catalysts in a process called hydrolysis. It contains over 60 major and minor nutrients and amino acids. Natural Fertilizer Reviews says this product "mixes up well and we found it very easy to use." Organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion release nutrients to plants in response to their need, according to the Maryland Cooperative Extension Fact Sheet on Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers.

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