Tips for AeroGardens

An AeroGarden is a small, self-contained hydroponic garden you grow in your home. There are many seed choices for the AeroGarden, including flower gardens and small vegetable gardens with cherry tomatoes, green beans or peppers. You can also choose salad garden or herb garden varieties. AeroGardens are easy to grow and don't take a lot of work, but there are a few tips that will keep them growing strong and healthy.

Read First

The simplest trick is to start out right. Read all of the instructions that come with your AeroGarden so that you completely understand all of the elements such as how the water system works, how the timer works and how to keep it clean.


Use the suggested supports for the type of garden you plant. The supports keep the tight plants from pushing each other down and also prevent diseases, such as blossom end rot, and mildew.


Make the best use of all the produce you create with your AeroGarden, and learn to store it properly. Many vegetables and herbs are best frozen or canned for preservation. Flowers can provide instant beauty for your tables and counters, or you can dry them for future use.

Root Trimming

The roots are a part of a traditional garden plant you rarely concern yourself with. However, with an AeroGarden they grow long and thick and can get clogged up in the water tubes or other vital areas of the AeroGarden. Keep the roots trimmed back and neat. The trimming makes healthier plants and keeps your system working.


Keep your plants healthy with regular pruning. Don't over-prune, and never take more than one-third of the plant when you prune. Pruning promotes strong growth and also helps train taller plants to stay inside the AeroGarden containment system.

Water Level

The AeroGarden comes with a water level readout. Use it as an aid, but do not depend on it completely. The biggest danger to your AeroGarden is running dry, so you should pay close attention to the water levels manually several times a week.

Time the Light

Set the timer with your AeroGarden to turn the lights on and off on a regular daytime schedule. This gives your plants a "downtime" to regulate their growth. Many plants need this period of daily darkness to grow properly.

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