Ideas for Garden Trellises to Make

Garden trellises can be decorative and useful, depending on their purpose. Place an arched trellis at the entrance to your garden or use trellises to support your berry vines. Large trellises can create a secluded garden seating area; plant flowering vines on each side of the trellis and place a bench seat or a free standing swing underneath to make a space where you can relax and enjoy the flowers.

Trellises Using Plumbing Materials

Make decorative garden trellises with plumbing materials such as copper pipe, copper tubing and PVC pipe. Two- and three-rail ladder-style trellises with arches are simple to construct using copper or PVC pipe. You can cut the plumbing material to length using pipe cutters and then connect them together with elbows, T's and a variety of plumbing fittings. Making garden trellises from copper requires soldering, but PVC construction is just a matter of gluing the components together with PVC cement. Copper plumbing products will age gracefully in the garden, gaining a patina over time. You can decorate PVC garden trellises using exterior spray paint to disguise the underlying material. Embellish copper or PVC trellises with decorative cutouts you can make from copper foil. Climbing vines, such as ivy, or flowering vines, such as clematis, also add a decorative touch to a garden trellis.

Wooden Trellis

Make garden trellises from treated wood, teak, redwood, cedar and other natural wood products that will hold up well when they are exposed to the elements. A wooden trellis structure can be ornately designed with an Asian influence, a rustic design made from cedar twigs or anything in between. Bamboo garden trellises combine a natural, rustic feel with an Asian style; bamboo also holds up well over time. Make a decorative wooden arch to span wooden side rails using a jigsaw to cut hardwood into scrolls, flowers, birds and other garden inspired designs. Help protect your natural wooden garden trellis from moisture and decay by sealing it annually. Painting wooden trellises adds a layer of protection, but the paint should also be sealed with exterior polyurethane.

Horizontal Berry Trellis

Make post and wire garden trellises for growing blackberries, grapes, muscadines and scuffadines. These berry plants grow horizontally on vines that need support. Treated posts spaced up to 20 feet apart provide vertical structure and heavy 12-gauge wire running along the length of the trellis will help support the berry vines. One berry trellis design includes two wires; one placed about 5 feet from the ground and the other placed about 3-1/2 feet from the ground. Other berry trellis designs allows for two wires running across the top of the vertical support posts so that the berries and vines can hang down from the top.

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