How to Dry Rose Petals Fast


Roses are pleasantly fragrant and come in a variety of colors. Drying rose petals allows you to use them long after they would have lived. You can use them in a scrapbook when preserving cherished memories or make a homemade potpourri. Whatever your desired use, you will want to dry the rose petals fast by using a microwave. This will ensure their color remains as vibrant as when you picked them.

Step 1

Cut the fully mature roses from your flower garden. Cut the ones that have begun to open because it will be easier to remove petals.

Step 2

Take the roses inside and carefully remove the petals, one at a time. This is best done if you are holding onto the stem firmly with one hand and pulling the petal off with the other hand.

Step 3

Pour silica gel into a microwave safe container until it has reached about 1-inch high.

Step 4

Set your rose petals on top of this layer of silica gel. You want them to be single file and not touching each other.

Step 5

Cover the rose petals with silica gel and then add another inch of gel. Add another single file layer of rose petals. Repeat this until your container is full.

Step 6

Place your microwave safe container in the microwave and set the timer for 1 1/2 minutes. This is the recommended cooking time for roses, according to North Dakota State University.

Step 7

Remove the container and place the lid over it. Set aside for 24 hours.

Step 8

Remove the rose petals from the container one at a time and brush them off with a soft bristle brush.

Step 9

Spray the rose petals with a light coating of acrylic spray.

Tips and Warnings

  • Microwaves vary in how quickly they cook. Keep an eye on your rose petals so they do not burn.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening scissors
  • Silica gel
  • Microwave safe container
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Acrylic spray


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