Landscaping Ideas for Flower Gardens

A flower garden adds beauty and interest to any yard, but an attractive garden is more than just flowers. Adding other landscaping elements to a flower garden will personalize it and make it unique. Landscaping your flower garden to suit your tastes can be done by making use of a number of easily obtained items and through thoughtful placement of plants.

Bird Bath

Adding a bird bath to your flower garden creates an attractive feature that provides water for wildlife. A bird bath can become a focal point in your flower garden. For proper placement, choose an open spot in or near your flower garden. A bird bath should be placed in an open area to give the birds safety from predators like domestic cats or raccoons.

Shepherd Hook Plant Hangers

Hanging baskets of flowers create spots of color that draw the eye upward. Adding shepherd hooks to hang floral baskets creates portable, temporary landscaping features. Mixing assorted sizes of shepherd hooks creates pleasing arrangements within the flower garden. Some local garden centers may offer shepherd hooks with decorative features that resemble birds, flowers, butterflies or animals for added interest.


Adding assorted sizes of statues in a flower garden creates whimsy. Highlighting a theme in your flower garden provides direction when choosing decorative items to add into the landscape. Statues of fairies, insects, animals or garden-oriented items can become a collection that creates a specific theme.

Decorative Stakes

Decorative stakes can serve as support for tall plants or simply eye candy among the flowers. Many local garden centers carry decorative garden stakes that can double as bird feeders, rain gauges or thermometers.


A beautiful flower garden is best appreciated by being in the midst of it. Adding a seating area with a bench or garden swing offers the perfect means for enjoying a flower garden up close.

Paving Stones

A pathway through a flower garden offers a quaint and useful landscaping feature. Creating a walkway with precast paving stones is an inexpensive and easy way to add a flower garden path.

Water Feature

The sound of trickling water adds a sense of peace and tranquility while attracting wild birds. A water feature can be something as simple as a small fountain with an electric pump to circulate the water. A solar-powered water pump can be used to circulate water without using electricity.

Solar Lights

Solar lights are an ideal choice for a flower garden because they cost nothing to maintain and can be easily moved for better placement. There are decorative solar lights available that are shaped to add interest. If you choose a theme for your flower garden, look for solar lights that carry out that theme---butterflies, dragonflies, turtles, etc.

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