How to Put House Plants Outside


When you have a thriving indoor garden with healthy houseplants, enhance their growing environment by moving them outside during the warm summer. Giving houseplants a summer outside in the fresh air improves their health and vitality and gives them more energy to survive the off-season in the house. Make the change a gradual one to avoid shocking and stressing your houseplants, and they will enjoy the summer outdoors.

Step 1

Wait to put houseplants outside until the final frost of spring occurs.

Step 2

Place your houseplants in a location outside with full shade---even plants that require full sun to grow need full shade when you first move them outdoors to avoid damaging them from the shock of the move. Leave the houseplants in this location for two or three days.

Step 3

Move the houseplants to a location with partial sun or dappled shade next and leave them in this location for two or three days.

Step 4

Place the houseplants in their final growing location after they acclimate to partial sun. If your plants require full sun, place them in a location that receives at least six hours of direct sun each day. If your houseplants require partial sun, place them in a location that receives approximately three hours of sunlight each day. If your houseplants need shade, place them in a location that receives only morning sun, dappled shade or full shade throughout the day.


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