How to Change the Blade on a Snapper Mower


Snapper offers four series of walk-behind mowers, each with their own bells and whistles. Maintaining the mower is essential to protect your initial investment, since these mowers can reach nearly $1000 in price. Performing routine care at home will save green on your lawn and in your wallet. Most blades can be purchased online for an even greater savings. Snapper recommends sharpening the blade of your mower at the beginning of each mowing season and replacing the blade every two years.

Step 1

Empty the gas tank with a siphon or simply run the mower until the tank is empty. The mower will be on its side during the blade change and any gasoline left in the tank will leak onto the ground. Disengage the engine by removing the spark plug wire from the spark plug. Firmly grip the spark plug wire and twist off the end of the plug.

Step 2

Turn the mower onto its side, rotating the blade until it is pointed at the grass discharge shoot. Wedge a block of wood through the grass discharge to the blade to prevent it from turning.

Step 3

Turn the nut in the center of the blade counterclockwise with a wrench to loosen the nut. Remove the nut from the drive shaft. Slide the blade off the drive shaft.

Step 4

Replace the blade on the mower with a new or sharpened one. Ensure the curved side of the blade is pointing towards the mower deck. Replace the nut, hand tightening it. Apply the block of wood against the blade again, and secure the nut down using the wrench.

Step 5

Turn the mower right side up. Fill the gas tank with gasoline and replace the spark plug wire onto the spark plug. Start the mower and enjoy another season of seamless grass cutting.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wear sturdy gloves when touching the spark plug wire or plug.

Things You'll Need

  • Siphon (optional)
  • Wood block
  • Wrench
  • Gasoline


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