How to Make Your Own Plant Hanger


Plant hangers can be decorative, functional and eco-friendly. Make your own plant hanger using old material destined for the garbage bin. Mix and match the patterns and color in the materials to create eclectic plant hangers that will add a design element to any space. You don't have to be a macramé expert to tie a square knot to hold a plant hanger together; braided plant hangers can be simple projects for beginning crafters.

Step 1

Measure the desired length of the plant hanger, double the measurement and multiply it times six. This is the overall length of the fabric strips you will need to make your own plant hanger.

Step 2

Cut 12 1-inch wide fabric strips equal to the overall length measurement from Step 1. You can use old blankets, sheets or scrap fabric. A menagerie of old clothing makes an interesting plant hanger; the strips must be tied to create the right length and the knots add character to your design.

Step 3

Stack three strips together so that the ends are flush. Secure the stack to a wooden work surface with a large tack, 6 inches from one end. Separate the fabric strands as they fall from the tack. Braid the three strands together, leaving a 6-inch tail at the end of the braid. Secure the end of the braid with an alligator clip.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 to make three more braided strands of fabric for your plant hanger.

Step 5

Remove the alligator clips from the ends of two of the braided strands. Tie the two 6-inch tails of the braided strands together with a square knot.

Step 6

Spread the tied strands so that the knot is in the center. Tie a third braided strand to the center knot so that the strand falls straight down from the center knot.

Step 7

Flip the connected strands over so that the last strand you added is on the top. Tie the fourth strand to the center knot so that it falls straight down from the center knot. These square knots add the third and fourth strands. You will have braided strands exiting the center knot at the east, west, north and south positions. This is the base of your plant hanger.

Step 8

Thread a 3-inch diameter metal craft ring over the open end of one braided strand. Tie the 6-inch top of that strand to the 6-inch top of the strand opposite it with a square knot. Slide the craft ring to the center of the top knot.

Step 9

Tie the third and then the fourth braided strand to the craft ring. Hang the craft ring from a nail or other mounted hanger. Place the plant inside the plant hanger so that the knot at the base of the hanger is centered on the base of the planter.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Work board
  • Large tack
  • 4 alligator clips
  • 3-inch diameter craft ring


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