Grape Arbor Ideas

Grape arbors bring a lush feel to the landscape and, when dripping with their sweet fruits, creates an exotic feel to a garden. To jazz up a grape arbor, add accessories or complement the arbor with plants and flowers.

Arbor Patio

Grape arbors covered with grapes creates the ideal setting for an outdoor patio. Under the grape arbor, create an area for outdoor living and dining or a spot to relax. Made from materials including crushed granite, flagstone, slate or pebbles, a patio beneath the arbor is a year-round area for relaxing. Pebbles make ideal arbor patios because they can conform to any shape of patio and are easy to maintain. Soft underfoot, pebbles come in many sizes to create different looks and are easily refreshed for an updated, tidy look to the patio. Pebbles come in many colors and complement most styles of homes.

Arbor Lights

Hang a set of twinkling outdoor lights under the grape arbor to create a magical display. Outdoor lights can include lanterns, small and large string lights, solar lights and candle chandeliers. When hung from the grape arbor or nestled within the ground and around the perimeter of the grape arbor, they fill the space with light. Light up the arbor with a string of solar lanterns. Solar lanterns combine the energy efficiency of a solar light with the festive colors and shapes of a lantern. Solar lantern lights lend a soft glow to the arbor and come in bright colors such as red, orange and pink. To create the look, string up the lights under the arbor. When darkness falls, the sensors from the solar lights activate to light up the night with color.

Arbor Plants

Situate favorite plants and flowers in containers around the base of the arbor for added color and texture. They complement surrounding plants and bring in their architectural shapes to the space. Along the perimeter of the grape arbor and at the base of each arbor post, set a flower-filled container. Mix plants that grow within the USDA zone to ensure a healthy and long-lasting display. Perennial plants are ideal because once planted within the container, they come back year after year. Drought-tolerant perennials like purple coneflowers, coreopsis mixed with accent plants like ivy, sedum and thyme create a balanced design.

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