How to Arrange a Dozen Roses


When the occasion calls for something striking and meaningful, roses usually fit the bill. Whether you grow your own roses or purchase them from a florist, the beauty and boldness of rose blossoms will stand alone in an arrangement like few other flowers. Although 12 roses will not create a large bouquet, you can arrange a dozen roses artfully to create an impressive floral arrangement. Set off the roses with contrasting greenery, and the finished result will be a lovely arrangement suitable for any decor or occasion.

Step 1

Fill the vase with warm water and add the contents of one packet of flower food to the water.

Step 2

Place the green fern fronds into the vase creating a foundational layer of greens around the perimeter of the vase. Use enough fern fronds to make a circle of ferns in the vase.

Step 3

Run cool water from a tap and hold one rose stem at a time under the running water. Cut off the end of the stem with the utility knife at a 45-degree angle. Remove any leaves from the stem that will be beneath the water level in the vase, and set each rose stem into the vase as you finish preparing it.

Step 4

Continue trimming each rose stem and adding it to the vase. Make the roses rounded in the vase as they sit upon the foundation of fern fronds.

Things You'll Need

  • Tall vase (2-inch diameter)
  • Flower food packet
  • Green fern fronds
  • Utility knife


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