How to Grow Hothouse & Indoor Vegetables


If you think you can't enjoy homegrown vegetables throughout the year, think again. Hothouses, or heated greenhouses, and indoor containers provide gardeners with sufficient options for growing vegetables. Inexperienced gardeners may wish to start growing indoors, while experienced gardeners may fill an entire hothouse. Reap the rewards within a few weeks when you experience the satisfaction of biting into fresh vegetables.

Step 1

Fill 3- or 5-gallon pots with premium potting soil, available at garden centers, if planting seeds. When using transplants, fill the pot half full.

Step 2

Make a 1-inch-deep indention in the middle of the pot's soil. Place one or two seeds in the middle. Follow spacing requirements found on seed packets. Measure from the middle, planting out to plant more seeds, if spacing requirements allow. Place a light layer of soil over the top of the seeds. If using transplants, set the transplant in the middle of the pot. Pour soil around the transplant, packing soil around the roots and the base.

Step 3

Place a cage around vining plants such as peppers. Push the cage into the soil until secure.

Step 4

Water the soil daily until moist. Skip days when the soil still appears moist. Mix a fertilizer solution specially formulated for vegetables, available at garden centers. Follow the included mixing and application directions.

Step 5

Suspend grow lights over the plants, if growing indoors. Keep the lights 2 inches from the top of the plants. Move the light up as the plants grow.

Things You'll Need

  • Premium potting soil
  • 3- or 5-gallon pots
  • Grow lights


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