How to Kill Grass Using Home Remedies


Grass has its place in a yard, but sometimes it grows where you don't want it to or the lawn isn't doing well. If you are planning on renovating the grass area or have grass invading your landscaping, you can kill it and then proceed with your yard care. Several remove grass or keep it from growing in the first place. In addition to being inexpensive, home remedies do not use chemicals that pose a threat to children and pets.

Step 1

Spray the grass with white or apple cider vinegar. The acid will destroy the grass. Pour into a sprayer and apply to the grass. Avoid contact with other vegetation, as it will kill any plant it touches.

Step 2

Mix salt with the vinegar if you don't want anything to grow in the area for a while. A little salt--from 2 tbsp. up to 1/2 cup--will keep grass and other vegetation away for months. Straight salt will keep vegetation away for much longer, but this damages the soil.

Step 3

Cover the grass with black, light-blocking plastic and hold it down with stakes in the corners of the plastic. Keeping out the sunlight will kill the grass slowly, in about a week, but it is affective and harmless to the soil and other vegetation.

Step 4

Put down a thick layer of mulch in plant beds to block light and keep grass and weeds from growing in the beds. You can also put plastic down under mulch as an added barrier.

Things You'll Need

  • Vinegar
  • Sprayer
  • Salt
  • Black plastic
  • Mulch


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