Homemade Fruit Arrangements


Fruit arrangements, like floral arrangements, add colorful enhancements to your home surroundings. Using fresh or waxed fruit in an arrangement allows you the ability to make eye-catching decor pieces to set off your current decorative touches. From traditional fruit baskets to centerpieces of exotic berries and melons, putting together fruit baskets brightens up your dining tables and mantel areas.

Step 1

Line the bottom of the dish with an assortment of fresh cut flowers. Select such flowers as lilac sprigs, irises and anything with a sturdy and long stem. Allow the blossoms of the flowers to hang over the edges of the dish.

Step 2

Place the small watermelon into the center of the dish, on top of the flowers' stems.

Step 3

Surround the watermelon with a ring of apples. Red or green apples will do.

Step 4

Pour a pound of fresh strawberries over top the entire arrangement, allowing them to all fall naturally into place.

Step 5

Place the bananas into the arrangement randomly to create small accents of bright yellow hues.

Things You'll Need

  • Porcelain dish (wide, low profile)
  • Apples (5)
  • Strawberries (1 lb)
  • Sugar baby watermelon (1 lb)
  • Bananas (4)
  • Fresh flowers (assorted)


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