How to Identify Blueberry Plants


Blueberry plants, like other berry varieties such as strawberry or raspberry, grow wild in many places. Most people identify these plants by the fruit that is produced, which only happens during the summer season. To identify blueberry plants year-round, whether for survival purposes or because you are looking for a spot to plant, examine the leaves, flowers and growing habitat. Keep in mind that blueberries only grow in Eastern and North-Central America.

Step 1

Look in sunny, wide open areas or clearings for blueberry bushes, particularly close to water sources. Blueberry plants have shallow root systems, and need water nearby or to grow a place with regular rainfall.

Step 2

Look for a lot of animal or bird activity, since blueberries provide a staple to several animal diets. Check for animal droppings, tracks, nests or the animals themselves.

Step 3

Examine the flowers. Blueberry bushes bloom in spring, with flowers that are cream to light pink, and a small bonnet shape. Look at the leaves. They should be bunched together, dark green to green purple, firm, shiny and flat. In the fall they change to red and yellow hues.

Step 4

Look for the berries. They are large and light blue to dark blue when ripe. Blueberry plants grow close to the ground, about 1 foot tall. The branches spread outwards from 1 to 3 feet.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves, if desired


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