Bali Garden Ideas

If you already have an array of tropical plants on your property or water in your garden, a Balinese design may work well for you. When creating your design, consider all the aspects of a Bali garden, such as embellishments, walkways, colors and water. Making these decisions is based upon your available room, budget and style.


In a Bali garden design, plant life is very important, particularly tropical plants. Balinese design uses large colorful flowers along with classic Asian plants like water lilies, moss, bamboo or trimmed hedges. Enclose the garden with large ferns to create the appearance of a jungle. If possible, incorporate orchids into your garden.


Adding a pathway to your garden or through it is simple and can help make your garden even more serene. Place a pebble walkway that leads to different parts of the garden, such as a sitting bench or to a quiet fountain. This is as easy as creating an outline of rocks to make a pathway, then filling it with smooth pebbles.


Color is a large element of Bali gardens, since bright colors are a big part of the culture. Add splashes of gold, purple, orange and scarlet throughout the garden using accessories such as bench fabric or pillow cushions, planter pots or statues.


Decorations and intricate embellishments are a common part of Balinese gardens and culture. Add a Buddha fountain, statue or heads in certain spots among the garden. Use furniture such as wicker or teak benches; they will weather nicely outdoors. An integral part of a Balinese garden is the necessity for statues, particularly Asian-themed like an elephant or tiger, or religious like Hindu or Buddhist figures. Pottery, baskets or paintings can also add some splashes of color and decor to the garden.

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