Plant Stand Ideas

Staggering your plants at different heights adds interest and variety to a container garden. It also allows you more options to arrange your flora so that everything gets enough light. Anything that can supports a plant container can function as a plant stand. Find new uses for a variety of old household objects in your garden.

Upside-Down Containers

You can invert nearly any container with a wide rim and a flat bottom and use it as an improvised plant table. Use soup pots, old planters, metal tubs and buckets to take your potted plants off the ground. For a more stable base, use containers with tops such as paint cans and fill them with sand or rocks. The extra weight will prevent them from toppling from heavy winds or accidental bumps.

Chests and Shelves

Many chests and shelves make good plant stands. Use the top layer of a small bookshelf to hold plants. Place dried flowers, collectibles or other decorative objects in the lower shelves. Use a low 2-drawer shelf or file cabinet to hold plants; place pots on top of it and in the top drawer to give it a tiered look. If the shelf seems unstable with the top drawer sticking out, place the plants in the bottom drawer and leave the top one closed.

Tables and Chairs

Give old or broken tables and chairs new life by using them as plant stands. Place small stools or chairs with flat, hard seats on either side of your entryway and place flower planters on both to give the entrance to your house more definition. Use an end table or small coffee table on your patio for a large flower display or as a nursery for new seedlings. Use molded plastic children's play tables and chairs for whimsical and weatherproof plant stands when your children have outgrown them.

Ladder Plant Stand

Even some broken tools can become plant stands. This Old House suggests using an old step-ladder as a new plant stand. Paint it a pleasant color, lean or brace it against a wall if the locking mechanism is broken and set pots on its steps. Use plants with trailing vines for a lush, overgrown look.

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