How to Grow Your Own Venus Flytrap


The Venus flytrap, Dionaea moscipula, is a fascinating carnivorous plant. It feeds on insects such as spiders and flies. The plant has three trip hairs around its two trap leaves. When these are touched the trap will close in less than one second. Growing a Venus flytrap is easy. The plant cares for itself. Growers just need to be mindful not to overfeed the plant or it will die.

Step 1

Fill a growing container with ½ peat moss and ½ sand. Moisten the sand with distilled water. Tap water is harmful to the Venus flytrap and should never be used at anytime.

Step 2

Sprinkle Venus flytrap seeds over the planting surface. Sprinkle pieces of shredded peat moss over the seeds. A light dusting will do. The seeds should not be buried.

Step 3

Lightly spray the seeds with distilled water.

Step 4

Place the growing container into a plastic bag. Seal the end or fold it beneath the container to keep it sealed. This will enable the bag to hold humidity and warmth. Set the growing container in a warm area that receives indirect sunlight. The ideal temperature of the area should be between 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 5

Open the bag every two days for 10 minutes to provide air circulation. Mist the growing area at this time. The soil should remain moist at all times, not wet.

Step 6

Remove the growing container from the bag when the seeds sprout. Sprouting occurs between 14 and 28 days. Move the container to a location where it can receive direct sunlight. The temperature of this area should be between 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not fertilize the plant.

Step 7

Transplant the sprouts into individual pots when they are six weeks old. The pots should contain ½ peat moss and ½ sand.

Step 8

Continue to spray the plants to keep the soil moist.

Step 9

Cut off the flower stalk that the plant produces to promote plant growth. Opt to leave the flower stalk on if slow growth does not bother you. The stalk will produce small white flowers.

Step 10

Cut off dead leaves as needed.

Step 11

Feed the plant one small insect every six to eight weeks if it does not feed on its own. A fly will suffice. When the plant catches or feeds on its prey its mouth, or trap, will remain closed for up to 2 weeks.

Step 12

Replant your Venus flytrap every 18 to 24 months to keep the growing mixture full of nutrients.

Things You'll Need

  • Growing container
  • Peat moss
  • Sand
  • Distilled water
  • Plastic bag
  • Planting pots
  • Pruning scissors
  • Flies


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