How to Arrange Roses With Baby Buds in a Vase


Whether you're an experienced craft hobbyist or you simply have rose bushes on your property of which you would like to make use, making rose bud arrangements proves to be a simple task. Using the baby buds of a rose bush to accentuate a vase of roses and other flowers adds a touch of varying scale. Knowing how to arrange roses with baby buds in a vase provides you with a beautiful gift to present to a loved one or as a piece of decor for your nightstand or dining room table.

Step 1

Bundle the large roses in your hand, making a fist around the stems.

Step 2

Snip the bottom inch from the stems of the roses. This allows them to fit properly in the vase.

Step 3

Drop the bundle, stem-side down, into the tall vase.

Step 4

Place each individual baby rose bud into varying parts of the arrangement. Allow the baby buds to surround the larger flowers and also place some in between the larger buds for accent.

Step 5

Accent the floral arrangement by adding sprigs of rose foliage to the outermost edges of the vase.

Things You'll Need

  • Tall, clear vase
  • 5 large rose buds (white)
  • 10 baby buds (red and pink)
  • Rose foliage
  • Scissors


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