How to Find Banana Tree Seeds


Banana trees are an interesting addition to your garden and add a tropical flair. You could buy a young banana tree, or if you prefer, grow one from seed. If planting one is the option you choose, you will need to find some seeds that are usable. Seeds from the bananas you buy at the store are infertile and will not produce a plant. There are several places from which to choose that sell the banana seeds.

Step 1

Log on to the Internet and go to websites such as,, or These websites sell banana tree seeds.

Step 2

Go to local retail stores such as home improvement stores or super centers that have garden centers. These businesses sell seeds for those who like to grow their own gardens and plants. Depending on your location in the country, you will find banana seeds for sale.

Step 3

Go to your local nursery and request the seeds from them. If they don't have them on hand, they will be able to order them through a supplier.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet


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Who Can Help

  • Seed Man: Banana Seeds
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